A demo is one of the most important tools you will need to showcase what your voice sounds like.  Download the scripts from the "Practice" page  or Google voice scripts and record several different styles in which you can perform.  When you are familiar with your editing software start editing short clips together to start building your demo. Once you have more experience I do suggest, however, to have an experienced voice talent or sound engineer help you build a professional demo.


Scripts & Demo Styles

Piecing it together

Different types of script and read styles:

  • -Commercial (fast & salesy) - Hard sell

  • -Slower more methodical or thoughtful - caring

  • -Serious (like a funeral home)

  • -Friend next door, conversational

  • -Informational

All these different styles great when building your first demo.  Once you get further into the voice over business you might want to build a few other different types of demos.  Those are listed below.

Different types of demos are:  

  • -Commercial demo - TV & Radio ads

  • -Phone system - Message on hold, IVR (Internal Voice Recognition), Voicemail

  • -Industrial/Educational/Informational - Normally for training purposes

  • -Character voice - Showcase all your fun character voices here.  I have over 20 characters and each has a name.