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Free Helpful Steps:
Getting Started in the Voice Over Business

Have you ever wondered: How do I get in to the voice over business?  What does it take to do this?  Education? Connections?   How do I get my foot in the door?  These are free some easy steps that will help you start your journey in the voice over business.

Leanna's Story

Here's a glimpse at how I started in media, tv, radio and the voice over business. I also share some free tips that will help you in your voice over journey.


To get started in the voice over business you will need some equipment to get started. Here's a few things you'll need: microphone, computer, headphones, interface or soundproofing do I need for voice overs?


Once you can started working with your equipment and practicing then you will need to build a demo made up of different voice styles and inflections you can offer to clients.


Research everything you can about the voice over business.  What things do I research about the voice over business?  What are the things I need to know?

Editing Software

These are a few recommendations on editing software that you might consider to get started in the voice over business.

Branding Yourself

Now that you have gathered all  your equipment, software and are practicing to hone your skills you will need to brand your business. How will you brand yourself? Here are some helpful hints to get started.


What type of education do I need to get into the voice over business?  Do I need a degree or special requirements to do this "voice over thing"?


The number one thing I tell people who are getting into the voice over business is to practice, practice, practice and when you're done practicing, practice some more.  I'll give you advice of what to practice and when.

Social Media/Technology

There are many ways to advertise your voice over services but what works best for you may not work for someone else.  These are a few great ideas to explore when promoting your business.


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