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Who is your audience?

Knowing your audience is key to reading the script in the style the client wants.  The company who you are doing the voice over for may be a health-care company selling various health-care packages.  In your mind you might think it's for an older audience but the client is selling to young college students.  With that information in mind, it will change the style or tone of the voice over.  Here's a few questions to think about: 

What is the age of your audience?

How will you reach your audience if they aren't particularly familiar with the product or company you are doing the voice over for?

Are they older, younger, mom's, dad's, hard-core skaters, singles, etc?

To engage them it's good to know these facts about your audience.  Sometimes you may not find out that kind of information but it's good to know if  you can get hold of it.  Most of the time the client or producer you are working for is what I call "the middle man" and the voice over person is the third person in the link.  Normally the company (the one needing a voice over) contacts a producer to create a video or some other type of media and then if a voice over person is needed then that's when I come in.  I am a voice over talent located in the Corpus Christi, TX area so I get a lot of voice overs that want to reach a "more southern" audience.  Since I am native to Texas I have a natural Texas accent that "comes in handy y'all" when a southern accent is needed.

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