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Character Voices

Reading a script takes practice!  It's not just about "reading" what's written, it's about conveying a convenceable message to the audience.  Changing your voice to convey that message is key to being a voice over talent.  Here's a few tips that can help!

Leanna's Story

Here's a glimpse at how I started in media, tv, radio and the voice over business. I also share some free tips that will help you in your voice over journey.

Voice Warm-up Exercises 

Just like your body needs to warm-up and stretch before exercising, so does  your voice.  I'll give you some great vocal exercises to use before you start recording.  I use these everyday.

Character Voices

When should you use a character voice and why?  

Is there a need for character voices in the voice over industry?


The most important part of changing your voice to convey a message is..LISTEN!  Listen to what the client or producer is saying to get the voice or style they are wanting.

Styles & Tones

Your voice tone and style is what makes your voice unique.  Get to know your voice and the best styles that suit your tone of voice.  How many voice styles can you make?  


The number one thing I tell people who are getting into the voice over business is to practice, practice, practice and when you're done practicing, practice some more.  I'll give you advice of what to practice and when.

Know Your Audience

Who is your audience?  If you know who your audience is then you will know how to communicate the message to them.


Have any questions about voice over or need a voice over for your business?  Contact me!

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