Hardware Set-Up

Below are some suggestions for equipment to purchase to help you get started with your hardware set-up.  I have done some research on each of these products.  Each one is great to use when recording voice overs and they won't "break the bank".  Most of these products are priced below $200. I also make reference to some that I personally use and that have worked well for me.

Q. How much money do I need to spend to get the right equipment?

A. Honestly that depends on how much money you have to invest.  Actually you don't need a lot of money and I suggest not spending a lot.   You can get a great hardware set up with a computer, microphone, interface, editing software and headphones for right around $1000.  If you already have a "work" computer then it will be much less than that.





Q. Windows or Mac?
A. Whichever works best for you.  I have used both and like both Windows and Mac.  You want something that you are familiar with and feel comfortable using Currently I am using a  HP Laptop.



Don’t spend thousands on a mic. I've used a USB mic and an XLR condenser mic. Currently I have an Audio Technica condenser microphone, pop guard, Focusrite interface and audio technica headphones. Their are really good mics for around $200-$500. 

  1. Q. USB or XLR? 
    A.  I use an XLR microphone because the quality is better, the sound can be adjusted and input can be balanced better for your headphones. However you can use a good quality USB microphone to get started. I used one for a few years before upgrading to a XLR microphone.  

  2. Q. Condenser microphone or dynamic microphone 
    A.  Condenser mics are better in that they are more sensitive to sound and pick up better voice depth and inflection however need to make sure you are in a sound proof area to deflect outside noise. Above are links to reviewed and tested microphones that come highly recommended.


Here are a few links to some good microphones that I have researched and found to be great for recording. These are reasonable prices that won't break the bank.   Bundle packages are also listed.  Here's a few to get you started.

USB Bundles:

XLR Bundles:

Individual Microphones: Mixed:



You will need an XLR microphone to use an interface. I highly recommend an interface if you have a budget for it.  You can use these to plug in your microphone, headphones or other musical equipment as well as control the sound input and headphone volume.  Also helps to balance out the sound. These are all less than $200.



I have a great pair of headphones that I got on sale. They are specially made for music and recording.  You don't want to use earbuds or a really cheap pair of headphones due to sound quality.  Note: If you purchase a microphone or interface in a bundle pack, normally you will get some headphones in the bundle.



Try to set up your studio equipment in a sound proof area. A filled closet is great because it dampens the sound. You can carpet the floor, walls or even use soundproof panels. I have my studio set up in my closet and also use an oval soundproof stand.  

Interfaces or Small Soundboards:



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