Branding Your Business

There are a few things you will need to know before branding your voice over business and image.    Ask yourself "What do I want my voice over business to represent or look like"? Image is everything! 

Start With This:

Listed below are "essentials" for helping brand your voice over business.

Head Shot

Begin with a good headshot picture of yourself. Your clients want to see what you look like...or matching the voice to the face.  Be creative and let your picture stand out.  Clients want to see match the face to the voice.


You will need a good bio or write up about yourself.  Highlight your experience or if you don't have any experience then talk about the great qualities your voice has or what gives your voice that extra umph. This can be hard when you normally aren’t a “hey look at me” type of person. Mention these in your bio: voice over experience, musical experience, promotional experience, speaking experience, etc. Make it sound good but not unrealistic…you need to be yourself and don’t be afraid to use humor.  When people are looking for female voice talent then I want them to know that I can do the job. 


Build a good logo that represents you and your business.  Make it easily recognizable and simple. I kept my simple that incorporated my business name and website.

Business Cards

Business cards are great to have on-hand when you are telling people about your business. Have simple contact info and what kind of voice overs you do.  This is the front and back of my business card.

Rack Cards or Post Card

What is a rack card?  A rack card is an advertisement that is displayed in a rack like at a restaurant, visitors center, chamber of commerce, etc.  Postcards are be used instead of a rack card.  It's a personal preference.


Your website says it all.  This is one of the most important things you can do for your business...GET A WEBSITE!!  Plus you can post, upload or put anything you want on it to show your awesome voice over skills.  I could spend days talking about your website.  This is your home and you can put anything you want on it.  Bio, pictures, demos, special offers, etc.  

Logo 3.png
New business cards screen shot.jpg
Business card backside.jpg