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Character Voices

Character voices are a great way to get people to laugh. They can be used in many different ways, from commercials and television shows to video games and films. If you have  characters voices you love to use then perfect them and get ready to see them come alive.

Character Voices

Get into character...

​These are a few commonly asked questions about character voices. 

Q. When would you use character voices?  

A.  Actually almost any voice over you do is considered a character or style.  Each script has a personality attached to it.  Therefore just like reading a script for a drama or theater project that you would be reading a script for, it's the same with voice over or voice acting.


Q. Why would you use character voices?

A.  You use character voices because you are trying to convey a type of style or character that the script is calling for to your audience.

Q. Are character voice always necessary when doing a voice over or selling a product/service?

A.  No, character voices aren't always necessary when reading a script because sometimes you will just do a plain, straight read for the client.

Q. What about cartoons or anime?

A. Absolutely!  Cartoons and adding your voice to an animated character is always so much fun, especially when you see the finished product.  The cartoon industry like for Disney, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, etc are a bit more complicated to get into.  Many times it's just knowing the right people and practicing your characters and getting the right people to listen to them.​

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